Origin of Music!

You will Never Look at Music the Same Again!

This book has been a life’s journey to find the answer to the question, “Where did music come from?” In the following pages you will see that:

1) Creation is a thoroughly thought-out and orchestrated event

2) Creation of anything must have raw materials chosen by God’s ordinance

3) Music is the one thing that permeates all of life on a high enough plane to comply with the needs set forth by this idea of a concise, beautiful and “elegant universe.”

If you are on the search for the truth of both music and creation I challenge you to start here.


Duke University

Jeremy Begbie

“Jettie Harris is a remarkable person. She has extraordinarily wide-ranging imagination of the significance of music for our lives, drawing on a lifetime of teaching, playing and reading. Those who read this will never hear any music in quite the same way again.”

Crandall University, Moncton NB

Stephen Dempster

“We are learning so much about God’s revelation in nature. The fine-tuning of the universe has become a household phrase in science. Whether scientists peer through the telescope or microscope the wonders that are revealed never cease to amaze. Psalm 19 declares that the heavens are chanting the glory of God, and His creation is communicating God’s revelation ceaselessly. Jettie Harris’ new book takes this seriously and explores the idea that this is more than just abstract truth but that music is central to this revelation. This book invites us to consider this possibility and stop, look and listen!”

Silver Spring, MD

Walt Rybeck

“It’s been a joy to know Jettie Harris for over six decades from when she was a talented young pianist and singer. Despite more than her share of personal struggles, she worked with noted musicians and seminal thinkers, pursuing every possible angle to unravel the mysterious secret power of music and how those powers might relate to the very essence of the universe and its creation. An admirable life’s journey”


Jettie Harris is retired from a long and colorful career as a teacher both of music and aviation. She received her early musical education from private teachers at the military academy at West Point, New York, but it was later in life when, at age forty, she began her formal training at Westminster Choir College and Montclair State University in New Jersey to become a degreed teacher. During her years at Westminster, she sang in the renowned Westminster Choir, singing in many well-known concert halls and serving as a member of the choir in residence at the Spoleto, Italy, Festival of Two Worlds. She became a licensed FAA instructor pilot in 1981.

Throughout her myriad experiences as teacher and performer, Harris maintained an active pursuit of what she called “truth in music,” which embraces not only her fervent faith in God, but also the raison d’etre of music as an integral part of our entire human experience.

Harris now lives  in Forest, Virginia, where she is actively pursuing her research and writing.

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